Why do I need to schedule a call?  Our team handles highly sensitive financial information, it's highly important that no one’s data is compromised and everyone's project is treated with the same care and precision as a physician in surgery.  In order to provide accuracy and confidentiality, we ask that calls are scheduled.  You can, however, reach our client relations team during business hours with generalized questions.  You are also invited to email your account advisor or chat in the portal for scope-specific assistance.


  1. Can I schedule an in-person appointment?  We are open and available for in-person appointments in our Oakland & Pinole offices.  Please schedule online by clicking here or reach out to our client relations team by calling 510-239-5021.
  2. How much are your services?  We provide starting pricing on our website.  For a general quote of services, click here.  For a customized quote, click here to book a discovery session.
  3. How long does it take to onboard?  The onboarding process can be intense.  It takes approximately 3-4 business days to engage, retain, and complete your organizer.  If you are in need of expedited services, please let our client relations team know.  We have “Jump the line” payment options starting at $250.00 per service request.
  4. I don’t work well with computers, what can I do?  Occasionally we can accommodate a client that needs technical assistance.  Your timeline will increase by approximately 2-3 business days.  A client relations coordinator can reach out to you regarding handling and any associated fees.
  5. Do you charge for everything?  Lol, yes and no.  Our firm specializes in Compliance based accounting, formation, and reporting, therefore, resources, materials, and time are our highest commodities.  Adherence to our processes and systems will streamline the process.  We are however open to your feedback in an effort to improve our processes for collective market convenience.  Be sure to respond to our periodic feedback requests.
  6. Why is the retainer nonrefundable?  During discovery, your scope of work is compiled and a customized quote is provided.  Once you engage our firm and provide your retainer, we reserve your compliance team.  Thus allocating resources, materials, and technology for your project’s scope development.  
  7. What happens if I am banned from booking?  We value and respect the time of both our clients and our staff.  As such, we reserve the right to disengage, prior to being retained, after project delivery, and/or as a result of nonresponse or cooperation for more than 10 days.  This includes failure to pay for the final delivery of your project and/or abuse of time.
  8. What is abuse of time?  Abuse of time is multiple violations of our workflow process which can include any of the following.  More than 2 no call/no show missed appointments, project abandonment, filing a chargeback for retainers or rendered services, communication abuse or harrasment. Purposefully not adhering to our policies and procedures.
  9. I missed my appointment.  Life happens.  We may still be able to assist you the same day or you may need to reschedule. Please call the client relations team and get back on the calendar.
  10. I’m going another route.  As the world turns you may discover that we may not be a great fit for you now.  Please send us an email or contact Client Relations.  We will close out your project file.  We also ask for a short exit interview, if you're so inclined to assist us to improve our processes. 
  11. Is Tax prep included with the Full Accounting plan? Yes!  Ask a client relations specialist about our all-inclusive accounting plans.
  12. Is Tamika Marie a coach?  Yes, the focus is business compliance and the preference is to mentor groups.  Although TamikaMarie is the founder of two financial services firms, she is not and has no intention of pursuing or presenting as a guru.  She will however continue to share her gift of discernment, intuition and respect for finance, wealth structure and education with her peers and community.
  13. What is THE Repository?  Both of TamikaMarie’s financial firms have robust education platforms and Kenestetic repositories of DIY (read self paced) courses, articles, journals, workbooks and pre-recorded video data and materials.  Repository membership includes: 
    • Client Portal
    • Customized education plan
    • DIY Repository membership
    • Bi-weekly 1:1 with your project manager 
    • FB & What’s App community
    • Digital Journal
  14. How do I sign up? Click here.


  16. Do you teach tax theory?  Yes we have a beginners and niched education products.  Click here for more details.
  17. Does Tamikamarie you help launch tax businesses?  Yes and no.  I have mentored tax professionals.  We do not have a cookie cutter boxed program and accept 5 mentees per year.  Contact our client relations team for mentorship opportunities.
  18. What is the Business Launch Course include?  Our newest development is the business launch course which is apart of our Repository.  Contact our client relations team with any additional questions or click here for more information