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What my Father & Grandfather Built........

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My family tree is filled with entreprenuers, movers and shakers and real go getters.  I knew I was a creator at the tender age of 4.  By age 12 I knew that I did'nt want to work for other people because I'm headstrong, didn't like anyone telling me what to do and had even less patience with procrastination.  My first job in finance was by organic design at age 14 and it's been my life and passion ever since. 


I tried to acheive the "American Dream' by working my way up to partner conventionally but I encounterd both glass ceilings and quite a few glass cliffs before we even knew what to call them! 


Not soon enough, I decided to ditch corporate america in 2005 and started a small niche bookeeping business catering to small businesses.  By giving my entreprenuers a voice (and some much needed financial mentorship) on how to legally and ethicaly play the corpate game while avoiding the maze, glass ceiling and the glass cliffs of their own. 


What was born to support my vision and family has become the greatest dream that my father & grandfather envisioned.  A cooperative network and repository of financial services, resources, and education, that I have that I have curated and cultivated over the last 20 years and I could't be more proud.  We have built something beautiful.  Come join us, the wave is awesome over here.


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Finance is our business, education is our passion.  We are YOUR resource!  Allow a member of our client relations team to assist you in navigating your financial needs. 


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