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TMB Tax & Associates is an accounting firm that's geared toward launching and scaling compliant businesses.  We help you get your 'ish together and keep it that way.  Our innovative automations, 24/7 secure client portal and work flex team ensures that your financial data is readily accessible and compliant to secure funding and forecast your growth.


At TMB Tax & Associates, you will stand apart from the crowd.  We're full service and still manage to offer customized options for our niched Real Estate and Contractor clientele,  while also specializing in Tax Planning & Preparation, Resolution, Business Formation & Accounting for every business model seeking to scale your personal portfolio as well as continued business development.  


We offer flexible work hours from 10 AM to 6 PM on weekdays, and Saturdays & Sunday by appointment during peak tax season.  We are open year round and respond promptly to inquires, so contact us today or  book a discovery session online


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Our accountants and enrolled agents are focused on attention to detail and the fulfillment of all federal and state requirements. We provide you with up-to-date information,  and effective resolution strategies, to keep your financial life balanced. Our clients enjoy customized accounting, tax preparation and tax resolution services, to ensure financials, offers  and payment arrangements are within their financial capabilities. To ensure their assets are protected for a strong financial future for themselves and their families.  Ready for relief?  Book a discovery session today.

Financial Consulting


Are you running a business and want to organize your payroll efficiently? If you are a sole proprietor, independent contractor, or need to change your formation, our group of accountants and tax planning experts here at TMB Tax will assist you with your tax management and business formation.

We provide all-inclusive financial advisory to keep you solvent.  It’s time to scale your business!  Book a discovery session today.

Business Consulting


If you are looking for an experienced professional for the preparation of your taxes? Here, at TMB Tax & Associates, our expert group of financial professionals provides detailed assistance with affordable fees.

Our employees are entirely focused on maximizing your business profitability and helping you to implement strategies to minimize your tax liability for your business and personal returns.b  Bite the bullet, book a discovery session this text with information about you and your business or add information that will be useful for your customers.

 Accounting & Tax Professionals for Business Growth


Here, at TMB Tax & Associates, with locations throughout the Bay Area, our team is incredibly engrossed and focused on our clients’ satisfaction. We serve customers all over the US and other foreign places too. We put in a lot of effort to give you the details and information, the plans and assistance you require to manage your financial life. We modify our services to adjust to your requirements and needs, which eventually helps you make the right decisions for today’s and tomorrow’s financial goals.

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At TMB Tax & Associates, located in both Oakland & Pinole, CA, our staff is committed to customer satisfaction. By tailoring our services to fit your unique needs, we aim to help you make sound decisions for your present and future financial goals.

As an established, full-service accounting & tax planning firm, we work with customers across the economic spectrum. Whether you’re in the 10% or 32% tax bracket, we strive to make our services accurate, convenient, and available to faciliate financial stability and growth.

From competitive rates and flexible payment terms to taxpayer advances and tax extensions, our goal is to support you, while navigating the best tax shelters and financial vehicles to offer you.  We specialize in Real Estate Accounting & Tax Planning & Preparation.  We know where the money resides and where the deductions lie.